How to Manage Business & Commercial Waste

Choosing the right waste management company to work with is no easy task. Making the wrong choice can be costly, inconvenient, and even damaging to your reputation. That’s why when the time comes to switch providers, knowing what qualities to look out for will make the process so much simpler.

SL Recycling is one of South Wales’ leading waste management and recycling companies. With our fleet of vehicles, state-of-the-art facilities, and top-notch team, we help businesses all over the region deal with their waste effectively, economically, and responsibly.

In this blog, we outline some key things to consider when choosing the right waste management and recycling company for you.


As a business owner, you have a legal duty of care to make sure you entrust the future of your unwanted materials to a registered waste carrier. Beyond verifying that this is the case, it’s also a good idea to check out the prospective company’s other accreditations. That way, you’ll be able to make sure they are able to offer the premium and environmentally responsible level of service you require.

At SL Recycling, we’re members of the Road Haulage Association and ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited, demonstrating our commitment to meeting stakeholder needs. We also were awarded an Economic Contribution Business Growth Award in 2022 for the South Wales Region.

Customer Service

Waste is a constant part of our lives, so it makes sense to find a waste management partner with which to form a long-term partnership. It’s important to know you can rely on the company you work with to provide trustworthy, accurate advice at all times. That’s why client care is pivotal to this relationship.

Look for a company that has a reputation for exemplary customer service; a company that manages to retain a personal touch, whilst offering an industry leading waste management solution.


Not only is it cheaper and more convenient to choose a company based nearby, but it also means they will understand the local area. Collections will be quicker, and one-off tipping will be easier for you if and when you require it.

SL Recycling is a market leader in South Wales and focuses on providing businesses in the surrounding areas with exceptional waste management and recycling services. For organisations of all sizes in this location, we are the obvious choice – combining our cutting-edge services with local charm and an in-depth knowledge of the area. Supporting a local business is also a way of supporting the economic growth of your region.

Sectors Covered

It should go without saying, but you need to make sure the company you’re considering covers your sector. Not all waste management companies have the expertise and capacity to deal with all businesses, so failing to check this detail early on could lead to you wasting time chasing a lead that just won’t work.

SL Recycling delivers waste, recycling, and skip hire services to businesses in the full range of commercial and industrial sectors. From SMEs to construction companies to large manufacturing firms, we provide industry leading waste management solutions no matter the type or scale of your operation.


Of course, when making a big decision like this, checking out the company’s reviews and word-of-mouth reputation is always a good approach. Find the company on Facebook, Google Business, or a review website and read what previous customers are saying. Remember, keep in mind what you want from the company as you read. Is it competitive prices? Then analyse the reviews and see what people are saying about value for money. Is it a personal, friendly service? Then check the reviews for information about the way the company interacts with its customers.


Price is by no means king here, but it is important. As with many things, it’s important to find a company that can balance cost-effective, competitive prices, with an outstanding level of service. Cheap, cheerful, but ultimately poor quality is going to cost your business more in the long run through delays, disruption, and even fines for improper management. More than that, a waste management company who offers all their services in-house rather than brokering out contracts is likely to offer the best deal.


Making sure you find one company for all your waste management and recycling needs is usually the cheapest and most convenient option for businesses. Does the company you are considering offer every service you need now, and may need in the future?

From the full range of scrap metal recycling services to help dealing with everything from plastic to cardboard to food to hazardous waste, SL Recycling are here for you. We even permit tipping at our waste processing facility and offer commercial skip hire.


It’s easy to sell your services online, but what about the company’s actual, on-the-ground capacity and facilities? We’re committed to regularly investing in our team, machinery, vehicles, and infrastructure, to make sure we’re always leading the market when it comes to waste management. From our Ystard Mynach Waste Transfer Station to our slick new Material Recovery Facility in Pontypool, our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to deal with huge volumes of commercial waste sustainably and efficiently. That’s 500 tonnes of metal, 200 tonnes of wood, 100 tonnes of cardboard, and 250 tonnes of commercial and industrial waste per week!

Find out how we process waste here >


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it’s important to choose a responsible company to work with. As a business owner, you have a legal and ethical duty to make sure the future custodian of your waste is dedicated to handling it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Look for a company that aims to divert the majority of the waste they deal with from landfill. For example, our team recycle 92% of all materials that enter our facility. And it doesn’t just stop at the environment. What does the company in question do for their local area?

At SL Recycling, we’re dedicated to supporting our local community and providing regular training opportunities for our staff. To us, the growth and development of our communities is just as important as our own.

Market Leading Waste Management & Recycling

If you’re on the hunt for a waste management and recycling company to support your business, SL Recycling have you covered. Top level services and environmental standards, cutting-edge facilities, and a personable, friendly team – that’s what makes us different.

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