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507, 2021

Benefits of Using Recycled Timber

Rustic, affordable and good for the environment – recycled (or reclaimed) timber is one of the best and most popular building materials out there. At SL Recycling we ...

206, 2021

How Can Manufacturers Reduce Waste?

How Can Manufacturers Reduce Waste? If you’re researching waste reduction methods, then the good news is you’ve made the first step to helping your business reduce waste. Recognising ...

1602, 2021

Benefits of Recycling Wood

A variety of common materials can be recycled, from plastic and paper, to wood and glass. There are a wealth of reasons why recycling is important and why ...

2312, 2020

Are Pallets Recyclable?

Hundreds of millions of pallets are used around the world each year to transport and store goods. With so many being used so frequently, pallets are often well ...

3010, 2020

Types & Methods of Waste Management

This blog from the SL Recycling team discusses different methods and approaches to waste management, helping you to understand the various waste solutions available.If you’d like to find out ...

3010, 2020

How to Manage & Dispose of Hazardous Waste

All types of waste produced by businesses across sectors must be effectively managed, ideally without negatively impacting the environment, none more so than hazardous waste. Where other waste types ...

3009, 2020

What Plastics Can and Cannot be Recycled?

Plastic waste is a key concern for environmentalists, governments and organisations, as vast majorities of plastics are disposed of in non-environmentally friendly ways, resulting in polluted oceans, overextended landfills ...

2207, 2020

What is the Waste Sorting Process?

The sorting of waste is critical to increasing the amount of waste that is recycled, as well as quality of recycled materials. From individual household input to huge commercial ...

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