End of Life Vehicles

End of Life Vehicles

SL Recycling offer highly competitive prices for scrap vehicles

At our Ytsrad Mynach waste processing facility we have advanced vehicle recycling capabilities. SL Recycling are leading the way for metal recycling in South Wales, providing high quality in-house services at extremely competitive prices.

How we Recycle End of Life Vehicles

We process 500 decommissioned ELVs per month.

Combining years of experience with specialised facilities, SL Recycling process previously difficult to recycle end of life (ELV) vehicles.

Following required ID checks, we take the vehicle(/s) from you, take care of the paperwork and de-register the vehicle(/s) with the relevant authorities. As with all waste we process and recycle, we aim to make the procedure as hassle-free for you as possible, using our experience to handle all the behind-the-scenes services as well as the actual waste processing.

At our facilities we handle ELVs in line with legislation and with constant environmental consideration. We extract operating fluids, and remove batteries, wheels and hazardous parts for alternative processing. Our objective is to maximise the removal and recycling of materials to give ELVs the most value possible.

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We strive for zero-waste-to-landfill and achieve our high diversion through implementing waste minimisation, re-using and recycling methods. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.

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