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Sustainable Food Waste Recycling

The UK produces a staggering 10 million tonnes of food waste per year, where possible SL Recycling ensure that edible food waste goes to those who need it, foodbanks, local farms or pet food producers.

Say No to Landfill

There is no reason why food waste should go to landfill, where it is not possible to re-distribute food waste we send this for Anerobic Digestion, a process that creates renewable energy from something that was deemed surplus to requirements. As SL Recycling are commited to reducing carbin emissions we supply a network of Anerobic Digestion plants to reduce the environmental burden of transporting this waste to a central location.

SL Recycling offer a wide range of options for the containment and transportation of your food waste to ensure no leakages and keep any unwanted odours to a minimum.