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SL Recycling are committed to reducing waste that is sent to landill

Using the waste heiarchy we try to manage residual waste out of our customers processes to maximise recycling and reduce the environmental.

Unlike other providers we don’t invest in landfill as our aim is to turn 100% of the resources you send us into something useful once more. That’s why we deal with your general waste in an environmentally and economically sound way using a range of innovative landfill diverting processes including:

We choose our technology partners with great care, ensuring they have the appropriate licences and are registered with the necessary industry bodies. We visit all sites and ensure they are fit for purpose and with all technologies, we run an initial batch of materials to ascertain how they will be processed.

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With SL Recycling you can be confident that we will take care of every stage of your waste requirements from eliminisation, minimisation, collection, handling, diversion, recycling and recovery. As well as cost control and legal compliance.