Cardboard Waste Recycling, Collection & Disposal in South Wales & Bristol

SL Recycling specialise in providing industry-leading cardboard waste recycling services to businesses in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and the surrounding areas. Our reliable service provides an efficient way for companies to generate a return on their waste cardboard with regular or one-off collections.

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Cardboard Recycling Centre South Wales

We process 100 tonnes of cardboard each week at our Material Recovery Facility

A common by-product of commercial businesses, cardboard has value and can be recycled multiple times. Businesses can generate a return on waste cardboard with the correct waste management strategy, requiring a review of collection, storage and recycling method. Using SL Recycling consultancy, vehicles and facilities, we can guide you through how to achieve maximum revenues for your waste cardboard.

How We Recycle Cardboard

From collection to recycling transfer, we take care of every step and minimise environmental impact where possible.

We accept tipping at our facility in Pontypool but also offer contracts tailored to specific cardboard outputs. We can provide balers, screw compactors and compactors to clients with significant cardboard waste, with the aim of compacting cardboard into more manageable and easily transportable 6 tonne loads.

Our own fleet vehicles then collect the cardboard at intervals predetermined with the client. Bales are ideal for transport and help to reduce the overall amount of collections required, facilitating lower carbon emissions.

Carboard is processed at the SL Recycling processing facility, before being re-baled and shipped onwards for recycling. We provide exact calculations and reports of cardboard transport and recycling, keeping you constantly informed of your savings and beneficial environmental impact.

Our Commercial Cardboard Recycling Services

We offer bespoke contracts to our clients, all of which are tailored to specific cardboard outputs and the level of service required. Services available include:

  • One-off collections
  • Regular collections
  • Tipping
  • Balers
  • Compactors
  • Screw compactors

We recycle a comprehensive range of cardboard types, such as cardboard boxes, cardboard packaging, corrugated fibreboard, paperboard and mat board.

Cardboard Recycling Prices

To get a free, no obligation quote for your cardboard recycling requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our waste management experts today. Whether your business requires an ongoing service, frequent collections or a one-off price, we can devise an appropriate and cost-effective solution.

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We strive for zero-waste-to-landfill and achieve our high diversion through implementing waste minimisation, re-using and recycling methods. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.

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