Types & Methods of Commercial Recycling Services

As businesses work to become more sustainable, finding an effective commercial recycling solution is of vital importance.

Commercial recycling services allow businesses to both dispose of unwanted materials and reduce their carbon footprint. Unlike household recycling, the quantity of waste generated within commercial contexts demands a more tailored approach to waste disposal. Larger quantities of material also pose greater recycling opportunities. Waste disposal services may also offer businesses the opportunity to make returns on their waste materials depending on their quality and quantity.

For some businesses, the complexities of recycling procedures limit their participation in sustainable waste disposal. At SL Recycling, corporate responsibility is at the forefront of our mission and we are dedicated to helping businesses reduce the environmental impact of their operation.

In this guide from the SL Recycling team, we discuss different types of commercial recycling services and the benefits offered by each.

Separating Materials for Recycling

The first step of any recycling procedure is the categorisation of waste by material, as the recycling/disposal process can vary greatly from one material to another. As a result of this, the treatment of each material category should be handled separately.

Commercial Plastic Recycling

Plastic is one of the most widely recycled materials in both household and commercial contexts. The recycling of unwanted plastic maximises the transformation of plastic into new materials and reduces the amount of plastic that ends in landfill.

Collection is the most common approach to commercial plastic recycling. Many waste disposal services offer businesses access to plastic recycling bins, which are routinely collected for sorting. Some services offer clients the opportunity to tailor collection relative to their particular needs and the quantity of plastic being recycled. Plastic can also be collected in large quantities as a result of its lightweight properties. Many commercial recycling solutions also offer collection services that don’t require plastic to be compacted prior to collection, offering businesses a convenient and hassle-free plastic disposal process.

Plastic recycling poses a host of environmental advantages and offers businesses peace of mind that that they are helping reduce contributions to landfill. The implementation of an effective plastic recycling process is highly cost effective in addition to reducing energy usage and the consumption of raw materials.

Commercial Cardboard Recycling

Commercial traders produce large quantities of cardboard waste that is suitable for recycling and/or resale. Like with plastic, the most common cardboard recycling solution is collection using a commercial recycling service. Many such services offer the collection, storage and recycling of unwanted cardboard materials as well as offering solutions that are tailored to the quantity of waste being recycled. When working with large quantities of cardboard, it is recommended that the material is compacted into bales that allow for easier transportation and storage. Other compacting devices such as screw compactors are also used. The baling or similar compression of cardboard materials reduces the number of collections required, consequently lessening the carbon footprint of the recycling process itself and maximising value per load. Other services offer cardboard recycling bins and containers which are also collected by recycling services. Following collection, cardboard is sorted, processed and shipped onwards for recycling.

When looking to recycle/sell cardboard, it is important for businesses to ensure all relevant materials are free from contaminants such as grease or food. Cardboard contaminated in this way is not usable. Materials must be clean, dry and rid of excess tape where possible.

In addition to offering potential monetary gains, cardboard collection services minimise the inconvenience and unsightliness caused by waste cardboard residing on business premises.

Here at SL, our cardboard recycling services cover all stages of the cardboard recycling process. We operate at our cardboard tipping facility in Ystrad Mynach – more information about our range of cardboard recycling service is available here.

Commercial Wood Recycling

Wood offers ideal opportunities for recycling. As with plastic and cardboard, the recycling services available for wood recycling vary depending on the quantity of material being recycled.

When being recycled, wood is categorised according to grade, with the grade of material determining the recycling process required. Solutions available from commercial wood recycling services include collection, the use of specialised vehicles for transportation as well as designated disposal facilities. Wood is cleaned and (if necessary) treated before being used to produce recycled materials such as animal beddings, mulches and pathway surfaces. Disposed wood can also be used for biomass.

The recycling of wood within commercial contexts preserves natural resources by continuing the life cycle of trees. The removal of waste wood from business environments also prevents unnecessary fire risk.

SL Recycling accept, collect and process wood of all grades for recycling. Find more about the wood recycling services available from SL Recycling here.

Commercial Metal Recycling

The metal recycling process varies depending on chemical properties of the material being recycled. Ferrous metals, rich in iron, are highly recyclable. Non-Ferrous metals such as aluminium, stainless steel and tin are also recyclable, they do however require a different recycling process.

The range of commercial metal recycling services available vary greatly. Metal disposal experts offer services such as consultations, scrap metal baling and collection, even the disposal of vehicles. Having started life as a scrap metal trading facility, SL Recycling are well equipped to offer solutions for all your metal recycling needs. More information on the services available can be found here.

Skip Hire

Skip hire offers customers a large-scale waste management solution that is both environmentally beneficial and cost effective. Skip hire simplifies the disposal of large quantities of waste and offers a disposal point for materials that may be challenging to recycle using typical methods.

SL Recycling have a variety of skip hire options that can be tailored to the needs of your business.

Commercial Recycling with SL Recycling

SL Recycling are dedicated to offering customers effective and environmentally considered recycling and waste management services. With expertise in a variety of waste disposal areas, we are on hand to offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Are you looking to implement more environmentally considered waste management for your business? Get in touch with SL Recycling today!

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